Each of us embarks on the generosity journey at a different starting point. Here are a few hypothetical situations that may be similar to the one in which you find yourself. Each example below illustrates how an individual or family can take the next step on the generosity journey, and how the A New Fire commitment card could be completed accordingly. Which of the following giving scenarios fits you best?


(Strangely Warmed Giver)

Michael is new to the faith and has never given before. He is now starting several spiritual disciplines, including generosity. It’s a huge step of faith for him, but Michael has decided to give $25 per week. Combined with $500 from his savings, Michael plans to give a total two-year contribution of $3,100 to A New Fire initiative.


(Rekindled Giver)

Jennifer has witnessed changes in her own life through the ministry of the church. So far, she has been giving casually, if she has extra cash on hand during offering time. However, she now feels led to become more consistent in her giving by setting up a recurring gift online. Her plan is to increase her usual annual giving of $500 by $1,250, bringing her to $1,750 a year. With the addition of $500 from a vacation

savings fund, in two years she will have given $4,000 to A New Fire initiative.


(Plucked Giver)

Paul and Rebecca have given consistently to the church at a steady 5%. With a combined income of $120,000, they contribute $6,000 each year. A New Fire, however, has prompted them to tithe a full 10%. It will require some adjustments to

give $12,000 a year, but they know it’s what God is calling them to do. Also, they’ve been saving for a boat, but have decided to give the $2,000 in that account as well. They are now planning to give $26,000 to the church over the next two years.


(Methodical Giver)

Anthony developed the discipline of tithing years ago, and he has experienced God’s provision again and again. Anthony will increase his giving percentage from 10% to 12% of his annual income of $70,000, or $8,400 a year. Over two years, with the

addition of $2,000 from the transfer of stocks that are no longer of interest to him, Anthony looks forward to giving $18,800 to A New Fire initiative.


(Best-of-All Giver)

Judy loves to give of her time, talents, and resources. She has set a lifetime giving goal for herself, and is excited to reach it. She has been giving 15% of her $90,000 income ($13,500) to the church in recent years, but is inspired to increase the annual amount to $15,000. She has been considering the purchase of a new home recently, but she realizes that purchase may inhibit her ability to reach her giving goal. So Judy has decided not to move, and to give her down payment toward A New Fire initiative instead.