Worship online each week. Online worship will premiere on YouTube and our  online worship page each Sunday at 8am. The worship service will be available for you to participate in anytime throughout the week. You can also worship on Facebook on Sundays at 11am for a Facebook Live event.



Your generosity is critical to our ministries during this time. Thank you to all of you who have started giving, continued giving or increased giving so our ministries can keep serving the community and connecting people to Christ. You can automate your monthly or weekly giving. You can learn more and give any time online to support First St. Charles. Contact Patti Adams with any questions.


Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to stay connected with others and grow in Christ. You can learn more about small groups hereContact Rev. Debby Bartley if you have questions or want help using Webex or Zoom.



Sharing community with other children and hearing the comforting words of Christ are so important now more than ever. All children in kindergarten-5th grade are invited to join us online Sunday mornings.

  • Kindergarten-2nd graders meet on Zoom, Sundays at 9:30am. 
  • 3rd-5th graders meet on Zoom, Sundays at 10:30am. 

Contact Meg Love to learn more.



All youth in 6th-12th grades are invited to stay connected with friends and continue their faith journey online.

  • Youth group for 6th–12th graders is offered each Sunday on Webex at 6:00pm. 
  • All youth bible study (completed grades 6-12) is offered each Sunday on Webex at 10:00am.

Contact Pastor Kate Hanch to learn more.



Our pastors, staff and prayer team continue to pray throughout the week for those on our prayer list. You can submit your prayer request here.


Food Collection

On Wednesdays, 8:00am-11:00am, we will collect food for a few of our ministry partners in bins in our parking lot. If you are already going out during that time, please consider picking up the requested items and dropping them off. Requested Items: canned soup-any kind, canned vegetables (including canned peas and canned carrots), and canned fruit.


1-1-1 Call

Everyone is encouraged to stay connected by committing to the 1-1-1 Call:

  • 1- Worship online each week.
  • 1- Call or video chat with a person from the church each day.
  • 1- Share online worship on your social networks each week.

Learn more and make your commitment here


At First St. Charles, kids grow in their understanding of God's love and become young disciples of Jesus Christ. We offer several programs for kids of all ages throughout the year. Your child will have fun while growing in their faith!



FIRST KIDS Early Childhood Center

First Kids Early Childhood (previously known as First Kids Learning Center, Mother's Day Out and Preschool at First St. Charles United Methodist Church) provides early childhood education in a Christian environment for children age six weeks through five years-old. For nearly 30 years, First Kids has provided high-quality, Christian early childhood education. As a unique child of God, your child will experience early childhood education at First Kids based on the Christian principles of love and sharing.



Youth Ministries provide a vital and dynamic way for students in grades 6 - 12 to grow in their Christian discipleship. Worship is essential to a life of faith. We have three worship services every Sunday where youth can worship and witness their faith to others.

Bible Study and discussion with peers equips young men and women to interpret the Bible and live their faith. We begin Bible Study at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary for worship and then move into breakout sessions for a time of study and discussion. Christian Community is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.



We offer several ministry options and Bible study programs to young adults, age 18-28. College students and young adults meet every Sunday at 9:30 AM to study the Bible and grow in faith. We would love for you to join us as you continue your faith journey!


Ted House  |  636.947.0066  |   roundedemail


We have many programs emphasizing both education and fellowship. The purpose of all programs is to provide an opportunity for personal growth in the Christian faith and to enable all persons to experience the warmth and care of this church family.


We celebrate the fact that so many families make up the total church family. Because we affirm each kind of family, a variety of activities and studies are planned and held each year.



We want to help you grow as you learn about Christ and how to live a grace-filled life. Small groups are groups of 5-8 people who meet for a few weeks to study the Bible, learn more about relationships, and discuss current social topics such as Race and Faith.