Group Meetings

The Inclusivity Matters group meets one Sunday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Contact Pastor Bart Hildreth to get on the email list to receive notifications about our meetings.


If you are interested in joining the confidential LGBTQ+ group, contact Pastor Bart Hildreth for more information:


T-shirts! Interested in getting one of those ALL ARE SAFE, WELCOME AND WANTED t-shirts you have seen members wearing? 

Buy one online and get it shipped to you here: Ship it to me!
Buy one and pick it up at church here: i'll pick it up at church

Call the church office to check available sizes and colors.

upcoming events

The pandemic has been a limiting factor these past two years, especially for our goals of outreach and education. (It's hard to reach out when we have to keep our distance!)  BUT looking to the future, we plan to provide some in-person educational opportunities at our church!