A New Fire

For nearly 200 years, First St. Charles United Methodist Church has served the St. Charles community and surrounding areas with God's love and grace. Over the years, our community has grown and the needs of people in our community continues to change. This is why we are beginning a new initiative called A New Fire.

Over the next several months, we are asking people who call First St. Charles United Methodist Church their church community to take a look at how we live our lives and ask ourselves how God is lighting A New Fire in us. We will be joining together on a journey that will require us to take the next step in our faith and live into the future that God is lighting for us.

why a new fire? WATCH this video to find out!


A New fire | Letter from pastor bart

God is moving in exciting ways among the people of First St. Charles United Methodist Church.There is reason to be more hopeful now than ever in the future that God is dreaming for us. God is lighting a new fire among us.

We have become relentlessly focused on our mission to gather new people to Christ, grow in Christ, and go for Christ. We celebrate the many new people who are connecting with our church and its mission. 

We are seeing greater numbers of small groups formed in our church and more persons participating in those small discipleship groups. And, we are making a greater impact on our community through our partnership with Lincoln Elementary, our Showers of Blessing ministry, and the opening of our church as a warming center.

We are aligning our resources, and are strategically focused on: 

  • Reaching new people  
  • Making all 52 weeks of worship engaging, inspiring, and life-changing  
  • Making our children’s ministry a signature ministry of our church

As we begin 2018, we launch our A New Fire initiative. It is a focused effort to engage 100% of our members and friends in spiritual renewal. It is a time to offer ourselves together to see what new fire can be kindled by God in our lives.

From the beginning of January through March we will be asking all persons through our small groups and Sunday School classes to focus on this time of spiritual renewal. I can’t stress how important it is that you participate in one of these studies. Nor can I encourage you enough to plan to be in worship for the five Sundays from February 11 through March 11. This will be the time that I will speak directly to our A New Fire initiative and the exciting ways that God can grow us all.

Last, but not least, I would ask you to begin praying, beginning right this moment, about how God would engage you and open your heart and life to a burning new fire.

Will you join me in this journey?

God’s Blessings,