about a new fire initiative

Watch Pastor Bart Hildreth's main vision talk about A New Fire | February 10, 2018


what is a new fire?

A New Fire is first and foremost a discipleship initiative. We’re all at different points moving toward more mature discipleship. We want to learn new things about God and about ourselves. We want every single person at First St. Charles to be a part of A New Fire and to be willing to take a next step of growth in this area of generosity. Whether you’ve never given anything before, whether you’re an infrequent contributor, or whether you’re a consistent, thoughtful and intentional giver, God is asking you to take the next step in this journey. 

Our secondary goal is monetary. This is a one-fund initiative, so the amount includes our total ministry fund for the next two years (A New Fire for the People), our expansion for our continued vision to reach out to more people (A New Fire for the Community), and our desire to create global partnerships on every continent (A New Fire for the World).

A New fire for the people | $2.1 MIllion

Currently, more than 500 people worship at First St. Charles United Methodist Church every week. A New Fire for people represents the strengthening of our general ministry fund over the next two years—which is anything but general!  This is our engine, our catalyst to supporting and growing every ministry as we “gather new people for Christ, grow in Christ, and go for Christ.” 

  • Adults and the Discipleship Pathway: Newcomers Class, Small Groups, and serving in ministries and mission. 
  • Weekend Worship: Passionate worship of word, song, and prayer at three  services, Cedarhurst Assisted Living extension, and online. 
  • Next Generation Ministries: Ministry for our children, middle school, and high school students
  • A Chancel Choir that is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Operations: Administrative, finance, and facility support, as well as communication within the church and our community.

A new fire for THE community | $1.5 million

We are committed to raising the next generation of young men and women in the Christian faith. Through the construction of new facilities, we plan to

double the number of children and youth we are in ministry with over the next five years. We are seeking to send a clear message to the young families in our community of St. Charles, that here is a church that is alive with activity and ministry with young people.


Improved facilities will enable our First Kids program to reach more children and young families.


We want to create a safe environment where families feel confident that their children are safe and cared for. We want to do everything we can to make our facilities safe for children, young families, and everyone who attends our church ministries.


a new fire for the world | $260,000

Support the connectional ministry of the United Methodist Church around the globe through: 

  • Disaster relief
  • Church plants in Missouri and Mozambique
  • Training of new pastors and church leaders
  • World-wide evangelism

Support our partner church in Mozambique, Bispo Almeida Penicela.

Strengthen our partnership with Lincoln Elementary. Through this  partnership, support children and young families and reach new people in our community for Jesus. 

Utilize our unique facilities to offer Showers of Blessing as a ministry to the homeless people in our community. 

Open our doors on the coldest nights of the year as a Warming Center for those with nowhere else to sleep. 

Reach new people for Christ through our online livestreaming of worship services and messages about Jesus. We currently reach over 50 people per week through livestreamed worship. We plan to reach over 100 a week in 2018 and 2019. 

Comfort those in assisted living through our Mt. Carmel and Cedarhurst worship services.